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The Winner:
Manuel García Sánchez, Daniel Gómez Pérez

The Idea:
GNSS-Assisted Drone Landing System

This system will help to land a drone with accuracy and precision under extreme conditions - on a small floating platform like a ship at sea, for example, or under low-visibility conditions at night or in the presence of fog or smoke. The system will use signals transmitted from GNSS satellites to measure the distance and relative speed from the drone to the landing point. While this system could also be useful in connection with any airplane or helicopter, it is especially suitable for drones: It is a small, light, low-power system that can be carried entirely by the drone. In other words, no equipment needs to be deployed at the landing point. This robust, reliable, and precise system will increase the safety of drones. Furthermore, it will expand the circumstances in which drones can be used, as well as the range of applications they support. These include situations such as fire-fighting, rescues at sea, and other challenging settings both during the day and at night.




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