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REGIONAL WINNER :: Hesse / Germany

The Winner:
Stephen Oyala Odhiambo, Soule Nkepseu Tchassep

The Idea:
Uko wapi? - The Digital Address Revolution

© SkyDesk Systems

"Uko wapi?" is a Swahili phrase that means "Where are you?" In many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a complete lack of a functional physical address system. To overcome this, the Uko wapi? project provides digitalised address information through a mobile and web application. Uko wapi? is designed for mobile subscribers with GNSS-enabled smartphones and uses location intelligence to create a location-based social network. The core service includes reliable and verifiable addresses, which will facilitate the e-commerce industry and enable the development of innovative business models. Uko wapi? also provides a low-cost advertising platform for small business owners. Meanwhile, the project does not seek merely to bring yet another location-based social network to market; its long-term vision is to completely revolutionise address systems and communication. This GNSS-based digital alternative to physical address systems is an innovative solution that will help accelerate the establishment of infrastructure in the developing world, thus giving rise to a safer, more connected, and more accessible world.




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