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13 February | News

ukowapi - the digital address revolution
Steve Odhiambo and his start-up ukowapi UG have a great vision: they aim at completely revolutionising address systems in the developing world, thus transforming the way people do business. The location based service of the former ESNC regional winner of Hesse will give rise to a safer, more connected and more accessible world. more

13 December | News

ESNC Overall Winner 2016 at BBC Breakfast
The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) Overall Winner GUAPO has experienced comprehensive publicity and has been raising the awareness for its innovative system for early drone detection, classification and tracking. Just recently, GUAPO was live on air at BBC Breakfast, the renowned national British morning television news programme. more

06 September | News

Bike Citizens Offering Intermodal Mobility Services

Traffic is one of today's major challenges, especially for cities and metropolises. As the growth of city regions is constantly increasing worldwide, smart, cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions are wanted more than ever. This is where the bike, or more precisely bike sharing, as a means of transport comes into play. more

27 July | News

President of the EU Committee of the Regions Markku Markkula visits AZO

During his visit to Bavaria, including meetings with State Minister Merk and Landtag President Stamm, Markku Markkula, President of the EU Committee of the Regions visited AZO. Markku Markkula took a tour of AZO's business headquarters in Oberpfaffenhofen to get to know AZO and its forward-thinking initiatives, supporting growth all along the value chain. more

24 June | News

Fixposition - Boosts its Reputation and Draws Investors' Attention
The recent success of ESNC ESA Special Prize and Swiss Regional Prize winner 2015, Fixposition, proved to deliver a major boost for its business development and reputation. Developing a low-cost, compact, user-friendly, centimetre-accurate, real-time navigation solution, Fixposition received support from the ESNC and from the ESA technology transfer programme office, which resulted in a granted pioneer fellowship by ETH Zurich. more

24 June | News

GeoKey - Awarded as GNSS.asia Challenge Overall Winner
The founder of GeoKey, Suresh Babu Mandalanka, was invited to fly to Brunei Darussalam to give an inspiring speech during the GNSS.asia Challenge Award Ceremony in December 2015. This major Ceremony was held as part of the Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA) conference, with a great number of participants from 17 different countries. His presentation dealt with the winning idea he submitted. It was a wonderful opportunity to use the stage in front of the high-ranked audience to drive the reputation of GeoKey. more

24 June | News

ESNC Boosting Business Links Between South East Asia and Europe
How does the ESNC connect South East Asia (SEA) and Europe? Europe provides the civilian satellite navigation system required and SEA displays a vast growing market with high potential in search of an appropriate GNSS. As this situation embodies lucrative opportunities for all parties involved, the ESNC's BELS Special Prize seeks innovative downstream GNSS applications from SEA and supports them with European incubation. This displays an excellent example of the ESNC's international outreach and its endeavour to provide the maximum benefit to society. more

08 June | News

High-Flyers of AZO's Space of Innovation Initiatives Enrich European Space Solutions
The AZO side session at the European Space Solutions brought together inventive people from the industry, the public sector, including the European Commission, as well as developers and users. The side session "Space of Innovation for Entrepreneurs!" comprised enthusiastic panel discussions, inspiring speakers and exciting startup presentations, and was very well attended. Three high-flyers of the Space of Innovation network gave pioneering presentations about how AZO's services along the value chain supported their success. more

08 June | News

ESNC Winners Take the Stage at European Space Expo
"The Space Solutions for Biking: Empowering Smart 2-Wheels!" event, as part of the official welcome reception at the European Space Solutions highlighted innovative applications powered by satellite navigation technologies that enhance the experience, increase the accessibility and safety of biking, and connect bikes to the Internet of Things. Two ESNC winners' prime examples showcased their pioneering services on stage. more

08 June | News

ESNC Winners Pave the Way for Galileo PRS
As the Public Related Service (PRS) is a substantial component for the Galileo Initial Services, the European Space Solutions dedicated a side session solely to this topic of interest. Three former winners of the ESNC - the leading innovation network for global GNSS applications - enriched the Galileo PRS session with their expertise and first-hand insights. more

08 June | News

Galileo's Initial Services Boosting Commercial Space Applications
The recent launch of Galileo satellites number 13 and 14 represented another milestone for setting the course of the multi-faceted Galileo programme. This year is of high importance for Europe as the declaration of the Galileo Initial Services is announced in October. Three dedicated ESNC Special Prizes are seeking innovative ideas based on leveraging Initial Services. more

03 June | News

Wanted: Mobile Apps to Handle Big Data from Space
An array of Earth observation satellites, including the Sentinels involved in Europe's Copernicus programme, collect untold amounts of data as they circle our planet. This high-resolution imagery and further information on climates and environments present tremendous potential in overcoming some of the biggest challenges of our time. more

20 May | News

Scouting New Trends for UAVs & the Next Space Generation
The ESNC always has been and remains being in search of newest trends and hot topics in the wide-range field of satellite navigation applications. This year's UAV Special Prize and the University Challenge have the objective to generate game-changing ideas and solutions that are ahead of time for the new space economy. more

28 April | News

ESNC 2016: Providing Europe with innovation all along the value chain
Once again this year's competition is setting standards throughout Europe, in respect to the boost of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)-related startups and innovative entrepreneurs. This news article presents the diversity of the ESNC and takes a deep dive into two of the ESNC's special prizes: the ESA space solutions® Prize and the GNSS Living Lab Prize. more

19 April | Success Story

Finding parking space 4.0 - ampido cooperates with Daimler
The ESNC regional winner 2013 ampido expands its business and cooperates with the Daimler's brand smart. Through the cooperation of ampido and smart, already more than 200 exclusive parking spaces in the downtown areas of Munich and Cologne are available exclusively for smart owners. The expansion of ampido's activity is planned for even more cities in the future more

06 April | Success Story

World Premiere for the 2013 overall winner: Live Handball Tracking by Kinexon
Data and technology are increasingly driving the development of major sports, not just in terms of performance on the court but also in the arena and on television, as sport looks to grow audiences and fan loyalty by offering that extra special something. Kinexon has been invited by the European Handball Federation (EHF) to showcase its precise sports tracking solution in Vienna. more

03 March | News

Executive Director of European GNSS Agency (GSA) visits AZO
The Executive Director of European GNSS Agency (GSA) Mr Carlo des Dorides paid a visit to AZO. Since 2008 GSA is greatly supporting the European Satellite Navigation Competition and received almost 200 submissions in 2015 for their prize looking for applications using the European flagship programmes GALILEO and EGNOS. In addition also two start-ups from the ESA BIC Bavaria portfolio, Scoo.me and Intelligence on Wheels, presented their business cases to demonstrate the wide range of services in this field. The European GNSS Agency promotes the development of applications that create demand for EGNOS and Galileo while providing economic and social benefits. The long-standing cooperation between GSA and the ESNC successfully supports the exploitation of the potential of applications based on EGNSS in Europe. more

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