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The first quarter of 2015 passed at the speed of light. The last months Sensolus worked intensively on the outdoor positioning service StickNTrack. So, that's what we are giving an update about here.

With the help of some lovely test users (thanks!) several StickNTrack devices are continuously traveling in Spain, France, Swiss, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland.

StickNTrack is tracking cars, furniture, trailers, people, animals and much more. That way, lots of valuable data on the travels, activity level, journeys, and security prevention of the non-powered objects are gathered, and we can optimize our product for numerous use cases.

And it makes sense, providing periodic location insights of non-powered remote objects allows optimization of existing business processes and creates new services in unexplored domains.

We admit, Kristoff does look tired on the picture, but Sensolus worked hard to achieve the deadline of the product launch of StickNTrack at the Mobile World Congress. After a serious team effort of long days and short nights, the StickNTrack service was launched in Barcelona. And yes, the first customers already signed up. At the same conference, the roll out of the communication network in Belgium was announced. This opens great opportunities for new Internet of Things applications in our backyard.

Parallel to the market developments, Sensolus signed up with ESA BIC Flanders, the incubation program of ESA (European Space Agency), which is serviced through Innotek in the Flemish region. Sensolus is very pleased to cooperate with Innotek on the particular technical and business challenges, tied to the continued developments of StickNTrack. First research results revealed StickNTrack technology has unique services that can get integrated in different applications. Below a first teaser movie of a potential application domain (thanks to European GNSS Agency)



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