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Application Fields

GNSS technologies are already an integral part of our everyday lives - and the market is growing fast. The global enabled GNSS market size in 2023 is estimated to be at EUR 290 billion whilst the core global GNSS market is estimated to be at EUR 110 billion in 2023.* GNSS technologies offer a myriad of uses - we are excited to see which field of application is addressed by your idea!

*) Source: European GNSS Agency (2015): GNSS Market Report - Issue 4, p.10

Satellite Navigation opens the door to myriad Application Fields

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On this page, you will find all GNSS applications related articles on NAVIPEDIA
NAVIPEDIA is an initiative of the European Space Agency serving as reference for Global Navigation Satellite Systems general knowledge on the Internet. It is conceived as a collaborative GNSS encyclopaedia with the objective to foster the transfer of knowledge in the field of GNSS.



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