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Evaluation process and judging criteria

All complete entries will be assessed by the expert panels of the respective regions and special prize partners (when applicable). All experts assigned to evaluate the submitted ideas have to accept a non-disclosure agreement in order to gain access to the proposals.

The overall winner of the ESNC will be selected from among all the regional and special prize winners by an international panel of high-ranking experts. The overall winner will be selected in a secret vote and will be revealed at the annual Awards Ceremony.

The experts are asked to assess the ideas based mainly on the following criteria:

  • Potential benefit(s) of the idea
  • Innovation level
  • Significance of the use of GNSS in realising the idea
  • Technological feasibility
  • Availability of a prototype
  • Chances of becoming a commercial success
  • Investment potential
  • Time it would take to implement (time to market)
  • Legal risks
  • Advantage(s) compared to other existing/conventional solutions
  • Patent eligibility

The experts entrusted with evaluating the submitted ideas represent worldclass institutional and regional organisations around Europe and beyond as follows (excerpt):



Andalucia / Spain Asia Austria Baden-Württemberg / Germany Basque Country / Spain Bavaria / Germany Catalonia / Spain Czech Republic Flanders / Belgium France Galicia / Spain Hesse / Germany
Ireland Israel Lithuania Madrid / Spain The Netherlands Norway Poland Romania Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Valencian Community / Spain