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Overall Winner

The 2016 ESNC overall winner has been selected from among all of the competition's regional and special prize winners by an international panel of high-ranking experts. This outstanding entrant was revealed at the festive Awards Ceremony and receives an additional cash award of EUR 10.000 to be used at their own discretion.

Overall Winner 2016 & Regional Winner of the United Kingdom

The project GUAPO won over the international jury of experts with its security system for early drone detection, classification, and tracking - and took home the grand prize ahead of the European Satellite Navigation Competition's 31 other winners.

Drones have been one of the biggest trends of 2016. At the same time, concerns regarding the safety of these devices are growing due to the rise in media reports of drones crashing or encroaching on security-critical spaces. In response, the overall winners of ESNC 2016 - Dr Carmine Clemente and his team from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland) - are developing a unique satellite-based system capable of early drone detection and tracking. GUAPO factors in the electromagnetic characteristics of drones to offer continuous coverage with low resource requirements. It thus provides a cost-effective, sensor-based solution for monitoring areas where security is paramount, such as in the protection zones around airports. In addition, GUAPO is well suited to security-related activities in connection with large events or drone deliveries in e-commerce. Along with the competition's EUR 10,000 grand prize, this innovative project is now set to receive an extensive package including cash, marketing support, consulting services, technical assistance, and more as the winner of the United Kingdom's regional ESNC prize. These benefits are designed to accelerate the idea's further development and market entry.

Dr Carmine Clemente, Domenico Gaglione, Christos Ilioudis :: UNITED KINGDOM
GNSS-based UAV Monitoring System for Airfields using Passive Radar Observations (GUAPO)



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