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Following the motto "New Year, New Luck", we start into the year 2017 and are already looking forward to the upcoming 14th edition which starts on 1 April 2017. Sounds like a long time for you? Then our main story could be an option to sweeten your time: we shed light on the European Commission's Space Strategy and our implementation through the ESNC. Furthermore, you still have the opportunity to become a partner. Benefit from our international network of > 160 stakeholders and get in touch with our wide range of visionary start-ups!

We look forward to the next exciting ESNC edition!

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Boosting Commercialisation of GNSS in line with the European Space Strategy

The recent introduction of the European Commission's Space Strategy for Europe is another milestone within the commercial exploitation for Europe. This Blog post refers to the EU space strategy and focusses on AZO's implementation through the ESNC and how it enables economic growth.
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Become a partner 

The ESNC is supported by more than 160 international partners comprising key European GNSS stakeholders, leading universities, and over 20 regions worldwide. Position yourself and get access to a truly unique network of innovation and expertise incl. industry, governmental, and research. Interested? Find out how to benefit as a partner.
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Call for Regions for the "Galileo-EGNOS award scheme"

Since 2004, the ESNC is at the pulse of time to strengthen the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS. Thanks to the European Commission, AZO will push the market uptake on a broader scale through a co-financing scheme. Apply as partner region now and secure one of the last free places to support entrepreneurs in your country.
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ukowapi - the digital address revolution

Steve Odhiambo and his start-up ukowapi UG have a great vision: they aim at completely revolutionising address systems in the developing world, thus transforming the way people do business. The location based service of the former ESNC regional winner of Hesse will give rise to a safer, more connected and more accessible world.
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21.02.2017, StartUP Night!, Berlin, Germany

27.02.-02.03.2017, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

08.-09.03.2017, Paris Space Week, Paris, France

14.-15.03.2017, Disrupt Space Summit, Berlin, Germany

17.05.2017, INNOspace Masters Awards Ceremony, Berlin, Germany


Join the No 1 Space Incubator - Next Deadline 1 March 2017

Become part of the ESA BIC Bavaria programme and benefit from EUR 50,000 cash incentive, hands on support from leading tech experts from DLR, Fraunhofer IIS, Airbus DS and WFG BGL. Profit from exchange opportunities with the ESA BIC startup portfolio and get access to AZO's unique international space innovation network.
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Fun Fact: Love is visible from space. Have a look at this slideshow "From ESA with love" featuring stunning heart-shaped images from space. Let's spread the love for space.
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