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It's almost that time of the year again! Go ahead and register for our joint international kick-off event of the ESNC and the Copernicus Masters on 5 April 2017 in Brussels. Did you know that the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) will be the dedicated patron of the ESNC 2017? Read the full story on the CoR patronage, check out exciting news from our satellite navigation innovation network and meet like-minded people at exciting events. Do you want to become an official partner of the ESNC? Do not miss this opportunity and find out more here!

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Register Now for the Joint International Kick-off Event

Our kick-off on 5 April 2017 in Brussels is more than just a networking event: discover the various opportunities of our innovation competitions and extraordinary features, interact with its European space community and find out more about powerful Accelerator programmes for space applications.  Register now to experience panel discussions about the latest commercial space innovations.

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Patronage by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR)

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming ESNC edition under the patronage by the President of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) - the European Union's Assembly of Regional and Local Representatives, Markku Markkula, supporting the truly pan-European dimension of the unique innovation competition.

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Call for Regions for the EGNSS Accelerator

Join the brand new EGNSS Accelerator as an ESNC region and get up to EUR 10,000 co-funding. Use this unique opportunity to become a region of the ESNC, to lower your costs of entry. Save your share to support promising space startups and accelerate job and high-tech growth in your region.

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Blubel - Satellite Navigation in a Connected Bicycle Bell

Cyclists no longer have to worry about getting lost or distracted on busy roads or having to pull out their phone while cycling. The ESNC winner of the ESA Special Prize 2016, Sasha Afanasieva found a solution to guide cyclists simply and intuitively with Blubel, by relying on satellite navigation data. Discover her success story and read the full interview on our Space of Innovation blog.

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05.04.2017, Joint International Kick-off, Brussels, Belgium

06.04.2017, The Netherlands Kick-off, Utrecht, The Netherlands

28.04.2017, Hesse Kick-off in line with the conference Global Navigation meets Geoinformation, ESOC Darmstadt, Germany

09.-19.05.2017, International Seminars on Positioning and Navigation Technologies, ENAC Toulouse, France

17.05.2017, INNOspace Masters Awards Ceremony, Berlin, Germany


Space App Camp 2017

The Space App Camp offers access to the latest space data and the SAP Cloud Platform to European app developers, who work to make the information accessible to a broad audience. SnapPlanet, an innovative app that combines the increasing availability of satellite images with social networking, took home the top prize of this year's edition at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Find out more in our blog about the winner Jérôme Gasperi and his app SnapPlanet, the very first Earth Observation social network!

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AZO has its own star! Our team loves space. So last Christmas, we decided to get our own star. In our blog, we feature thrilling news and success stories of the stars of our space of innovation network. Discover the latest stories.

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